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Minnesota Mamaleh

interesting connection! good luck with the teeth and i hope that all the wisdom is actually in the *other* ones (ba-dum-bum! :)).


Hope you're doing better soon Esther! Cheers, 'VJ'

Kristen Marlin

LOL @ specific anesthesia! Hahaha, good one Esther. Hmm, I know the feeling of anxiety over dental surgery. Like you, I was also afraid of not the surgery itself but the pain that was to come after the operation. But I've already had a couple of extractions that were done by my dentist in Charlotte, so now I don't feel that way anymore. Btw, in my case, at first it felt like the gap left by the extraction was unnecessary, but after a few months, it felt right. I hope the same thing has happened to you.

Pierre Cardan

Your humor and enthusiasm are definitely a plus! Hehe. They must’ve played a factor in making you feel less scared going through your dental surgery. That’s the spirit! :) It’s normal to feel anxious and scared, but if you keep a positive attitude, the procedure will be done easily. ;)

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