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Very endearing. Definitely not at a loss for words. I promise I wouldn't give you "the hand". Except maybe to hold yours. Simcha


Yes, I too think it went very well overall, but I'm typically disappointed in the interviewers. It was fine and quite acceptable for what it was, and I think she did a fair & respectable job. But perhaps I'm still marveling at the limits of the medium, and even given the amount of time. And I well recognize that it was a decent & substantial segment clip too. So it's good to hear you once again E. But please for the love of everything that's almost lost;

1.) No more Carrie Bradshaw. This was fiction. It was a TV show. It's over now. Yes it was fun & popular. Yes we all know Real friends in real life with similar issues. Perhaps we can't use them because they're friends and don't want it, and you want to remain friends with them. That's understandable. But it was fiction people. It had more fashion, better looking people, more wealth and way more sex than real life. This is what makes it great TV, but a very poor approximation of real life. The people in the show were far funnier because each character had a few writers writing for them. In real life this just rarely happens. Yes, we all know it's a reference point for many, but it remains fiction.

2.) Love & Money. Who pays for what. This is real life, and the point where the rubber meets the road. Yeah, we all know that famous schmuck story. I'm glad you stated fairly some of the background context to the story too.

But this also touches upon basic economics, which is like an unknown territory for many. In real life, the income for even college graduates has been stagnating lately. In point of fact most of the entire income distribution is either stagnating (college grads) or simply has been declining for decades (HS grads, and those w/ some college). What's this got to do with dating? Well plenty. Many more guys you're likely to meet now will be in fairly limited financial circumstances. Even the good looking college grad with good prospects. They might be laboring for years in low level jobs before they get a chance for a 'breakout' in a job that might see them making more money by the time they're 35-40 say. Of course by that time, when think they finally have enough stability and money to think about starting a family, they then face the serious problem of finding someone after a decade or more of 'stalling'. It does not help that even the women their own age will think of them as 'dirty old men' if they ever dare date anyone under that magic 5-7 year leeway allowance either.

So this is a very long convoluted way of saying a simple thing. Go 'Dutch'. It's a much more fair proposition for everyone concerned. It does not over tax any party, and does not obligate any party to future contacts. Unless otherwise stated, Assume that your dates are 'Dutch', or tell someone up front that you simply can't go out due to you being short that week. I know, that's much too much honesty. But really, in this day & age, you can safely assume that the gent sitting across from you is almost just as broke as you are. It's something you'll have in common to share.

So yeah, money issues are Big time all the time. But they need not get in the way of romance, and it really should not if given half a chance.

3.) I know it was 'cute' and meant to be funny, but really; 'What would you do with your soul mate'? Well many, many things honey. And hopefully keep him too.

It's a small wonder I keep far away from TV journo's. Even at their best they can leave you scratching your head wondering, 'Did he/she really just say that?'

But thanks for the clip Esther. This overanalysis of that ~5 min has been brought to you by the infection I've been fighting for the past week or so. So sorry about that! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'


Hey that was great!


Very good interview. Thanks for sharing it with us. It would have been interesting to flip some of the questions back on the interviewer.


"Kvitch?" "Ju-day-ism?" The interviewer seems like the proverbial bimbo weather girl trying to break into broadcasting. You come off as intelligent and good-humored, as always.

Rachel Sarah

You were adorable!!

Along with yo yenta, I also laughed at how that woman pronounced the words.

Thanks for being so real,


Yeah, that entire Canadian 'NewYork' experience thingy went unmentioned, 'cause it's like part of the package. We've got major anchors down here that still don't know geography, history, economics... and yet see fit to constantly comment on the news they know oh so little about. But all par for the course, I think E did fine with the limited material the gal gave her to play with. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'


Still more adventures in branding. Fruits & nuts. Cheers, 'VJ'

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