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Classics -- "Not Without My Fresca" & "Jewish Singles Cruise Diary Excerpts." I'm hoping to be there to give you a l'chaim!


What a tough choice. Can't you read them all? Out of the ones you listed, I do like "Not Without My Fresca" personally...

annabel lee

You've picked some of my favorites. I can only whittle down the list a little bit...

The Big Apple Dopplegang
Winter in the House of Job
The Traveler's Prayer
Some Antics With Semantics
My Own Private Googleplex

I don't think I can make it, sadly..."under $300" is still kinda pricey. And my young adults group is having a Shabbat dinner that weekend. But I will be thinking of you and will eagerly await your post-game wrap-up.

writersbloc gal

Btw, I'm coming to see you in this!

Quite frankly I love them all - i think we'd all be happy to hear anything. The Fresca one is a definite though!

rabbi neil fleischmann

Go with Fresca. I related to that one. I'm a long time Fresca fan, and have had many arun in with people who don't get it. It's the only diet soda that doesn't bill itself as diet. Yes.


I'd go with Winter in the House of Job, I think it's the best. But I'm not certain if that's the one that can be read aloud as easily though. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

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