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I'd like to rent out signs on taxis and buses advertising the opportunity to hang out with me, The Grumpy Old man and then see what happens.


This guy has a ood idea, but a bad location. People on the way to work are too grouchy to think about romance. As someone who took a marketing class at UCLA extension once, may I suggest he move his billboard to one of the following in order to attract the appropriate wife: Zabar's, the 42nd St. Library, Conde Nast building, or the shoe department at Daffy's.

Dr. Janice

Esther is right when she says, "everything's about self-promotion and networking.." Even if the billboard is in a less-than-ideal location, there will inevitably be other people who'll see it, and remember the web address, and tell their single girlfriends about it. The website shows that he invested a lot of money on presenting himself. It's miles better than Blaire's, or the guy who had a site (I can't find the link) "5K for a wife."

My only problem is that he doesn't give any specifics about what he's looking for other than "If you are a single woman, age 30 or therabouts, marriage and family minded, I'd like to hear from you." He'll have to do a lot of sorting and screening just to get a few qualified candidates to actually go out with. Or maybe he's also paying someone to follow upon the inquiries?


Have you checked out this guy's site? I hate to say this, but there are probably people hoping he stays single so that the site stays up! I've been playing "Dress Tom" and "Bop Tom" during my lunch break. Though I'm already married, I gotta love a guy that lets you put him in a skirt (with diving flippers)...


Sorting and screening is what it's all about. The less you limit your initial population the better chance you have. Yup, it's more work but isn't that effort worth it? Assuming of course that he's successful. Mind you, I can't imagine ever resorting to a billboard. The last time I was single it lasted 3 years and that route never occured to me. I guess I'm just not a visionary.


I can't believe you're hearing from readers who think this is a good idea. Hey, I know it's tough out there and I'm all for online dating and personal ads, but there should be a limit to treating yourself as a product. Call me old-fashioned, but I think there are some things that shouldn't be marketed like a can of Coke.

annabel lee

Hmmm, maybe he should meet Theresa, the original billboard girl...


I love the whole Dress Tom game.

Peter Sloan

Not an original idea, of course, the guy that made the first headline I ever heard of on this topic was the author of the book "Letters to Michael" some years back. But as for me, I Googled "Billboard to find wife" because I'm thinking of doing it myself. I have some freeway frontage acreage between Dallas and Houston and have already checked into permits for constructing my own billboard, probably a mid-sized one constructed using the five lined up telephone poles technique. And I know a little about graphic design. Just trying to decide if I'd be too embarrassed to have my friends and neighbors recognize my face up there!

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