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Madonna has gone... Ohh, you know the line. :P

While I really, really miss the old me, let's face it: Esther Madge of 2005 is rapidly approaching Shatner status - the gift that keeps on giving, and never ceases to make you laugh. It honestly seems like everytime Esther Madge speaks up anymore, it's a 97 on the unintentional comedy scale...

Maybe she should go back to exposing her breasts.

Barefoot Jewess

I have a personal vendetta against Madonna ever since she used tefillin replications in a video. I am still pissed.

Hence, have you heard that she may not have written her books without help?

Re: Madge approaching Shatner status- bwahahaha! I hope she will make it so!


Barefoot, thanks for the's already covered in my Madonnanthology.

And Madonna, my friend...what can I say? You're right. She's loopy. And I love it.


The more I think about the book controversy, the more I think it was a two-way street: Esther Ritchie gets help writing her books, and the ones turning Kabbalah into a cult religion get to spread their doctrine using Madonna's name to "give it credibility". Everyone wins.

She is definitely approaching Shatner status, except unlike Shatner (at least today's William Shatner), she isn't hamming it up on purpose. She's more like late 60's, early 70's Shatner, when he'd try to record an album or do something real stupid on TV. Much like how the late James Doohan came to the conclusion he is and will always be Scotty, and learned to enjoy it, Shatner realized he is a ham and learned to enjoy it, hence his antics today.

Esther Madge Ritchie has become a ham, without trying to or even realizing what she's doing.

The Real Esther: She's definitely become very loopy. Maybe she doesn't know what to do anymore without wild sexual behavior. Maybe she's become warped by Kabbalah. Or even the result of her experimenting with pot in 1994 for a movie role? All I know is that while sometimes I really miss the old Madonna, there are other times when the Other Esther really brings some amusement into my life.

Hell, without her loopiness, I would've never reinvented myself. So, I can't say it's a bad thing. :P

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