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Saw this interesting piece of information on some "scientology info" site:

"Scientology arranged Tom Cruise's entire divorce from Mimi Rogers for no charge. The cult knows Cruise is dyslectic and has difficulty reading and so "convinced" him to let them handle his bookkeeping and the divorce from Mimi Rogers. Orchestrating this divorce was important to Scientology because Rogers was disaffected from Scientology; thus it was in Scientology's interest to distance Cruise from her. In managing the divorce for Cruise, Scientology still had enough influence over Mimi Rogers to convince her to accept a relatively paltry $10 million for the settlement."


It can't be comfortable for Tom's kids with Nicole to watch their father wax euphoric in such a public and theatrical fashion over a woman who is not their mother. Tom is entitled to find happines--real or feigned -- with anyone he chooses, but what about his children's needs? As I wrote on my blog, a little "Cruise control" is in order.


In all honesty, I usually pay little attention to these celebrity romances, because the media tends to overly sensationalize them - often to the point where the majority of the news they publish about them is BS.

Furthermore, I have been growing more and more frustrated with the mainstream press for years (and stories/hype like this are a great example as to why), but I'll go into that issue in another time and place.

My point here and now, though, is this: TomKat is doomed. It doesn't matter whether it's a publicity stunt, or these two are genuinely in love and want to spend the rest of their life with each other. They have no chance. And you know why? The media. The same media that feels it's their responsibility to bring celebrities' private lives into our living rooms will be the same media that will eventually destroy Tom and Katie's relationship - just as they have destroyed so many others.

Honestly, sometimes, I wonder if TPTB in the press know this, and do this on purpose. I guess it's just no fun to build people up to tear them down anymore - now they have to build up couples to tear them down.

My advice to Tom and Katie if they are serious and want this to work: Move. Move to Canada, or Britian, or Cambodia, or Antarctica, or even Alpha Centauri. Because the media in this country is never going to allow this to work...

Trust me. I know. :P


OK and also, he never finished high school. He, who is SO smart he can tell everyone else what to do and how do to it, NEVER FINISHED HIGH SCHOOL. He really ought to keep quiet and not speak unless it is off a Spielberg script.

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