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Fun Joel

I just have to say, they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel when even the people on Surreal Life are lameos we've never heard of, or don't even have a curiosity about where they are now. Of course that's my $.02

(And btw, let's not forget Bronson in Bev Hills Cop flicks as well: AHX-weelllll!)


Now I've heard of D-list celebrities, and I've got to say that this seasons "Surreal Life" is as addictive as crack, but this is getting to the point of "E" and "F".


Oh, further proving my point, I just noticed on Yahoo news that the final housemate is actually motorcrosser CAREY Hart, not singer Corey Hart.


Well, that sucks. I was hoping to see another Corey in the house. Maybe they can find Corey Haim. Or Mariah Carey. I think that diva's cruisin' for a Surreal bruisin'.

And BTW, they called me about being in the house, but my agent advised me against it.


Wow, if I somehow get my own 16 minutes of fame (I'd never settle for 15) I might parlay that into time in the mansion. Woo hoo. Cool stuff coming.


Janice and Omorosa? This should be interesting- and even more so if their menstruation cycles sync up.
It won't hit Canadian airwaves until months after it airs on VH-1.

Molly McDonald

I think this Surreal life is going to be great. The only two people I've never heard of are Corey Hart and that UK model. Janice and Omarosa are going to HATE each other-should be quite interesting.

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