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someone you know

I call myself Modern Orthodox, and I have never had sex or even come close. And I keep strictly kosher and am very strict about shabbat AND the spirit of shabbat.

I call myself Modern Orthodox because of philosophical agreements with organizations like Edah. I believe we are obligated to keep halacha. I also believe that people should be encouraged to go into a variety of professions, pursue Liberal Arts studies if they wish to do so, support the State of Israel, allow women to have public positions in the workplace and the synagogue (in ways permitted by halacha), and treat non-Orthodox Jews and non-Jews with the dignity and respect deserved by any human being.


Thanks Someone. Maybe other people will weigh in too and help us get to the bottom of this.

Mike Shulter

This is a silly game. You cannot classify people, period.
M/O might refer to the independant manner whereby singles might meet w/out going through a Shadchan of some sort. They might also use the Shadchan but on the UWS, they might also and I have seen this, case out women on their own, daven in their Shules, go over to them at Kiddush, ask out, visit each others apartments, etc... I know boys (men really) in their 20' and 30's who do this, yet they are also very frum in terms of eating strictly kosher only.
If they have sex or not w/ these women, I don't know. I think that many of them do. It depends on whom they are dating, if someone non -frum who is not looking to get married.
I guess you try to classify people in the hopes of solving this huge problem in the frum world of singles who are older.
Personally I don't see why there is such a problem, from a mans perspective, when I was in that age group (late 20's) I was in sorrow over several women that I had let slip though my fingers and thought I could have married. I promised to HaShem that the next one, the absolute next one, that I liked and was attracted to, I would go all the way to marriage. And so it was.
I would say if all those w/ the problem would make this committment, and declaration and awareness of it, 25% at least would end their madness.


Mike, thanks for your response on this. My classification was meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek, because I don't understand the categories myself. Furthermore, if categories serve only to separate us from each other but don't inherently mean anything, then what's the point? I've thought about this before, and I don't think there is one. That's why I hate being asked whether I'm Orthodox or Conservative, because I'm neither: I belong to a Conservative shul, but I've visited both Orthodox and Reform congregations. I'm shomeret Shabbat, but to some I'm a fanatic and to others I'm so lenient that you wouldn't consider my Saturday Shabbat at all. I'm just me, and I do my own thing. And I know way more people like me than who actually say "I'm ______" (fill in denomination here) and mean it without any qualifiers...

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