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candy girl

if it's not a thumbs up, it's a thumbs-down. the logic of limited time in a day dictates that the rules for prime-time and the rules for shopping are the same.

unfortunately, that doesn't stop me from spending $40 on a tank top because i'm too lazy to go downtown to nordstrom rack (true story), or from watching the finale of celebrity fit club, which didn't inspire me to do a single push up (also a true story). that's an extra $33 and 2 hours i'll never get back. so i'm voting no on jake in progress too. :)

Stephen Silver

Actually, it's a rip-off of "The L-Word"'s marketing campaign- "Same Sex, Different City."


I won't be much help in settling this. I only see these things if they make it to Nick at Nite where his Uncle Jesse show is currently. I've never seen the Sex thing show. Did I miss something?


I thought Ian Gomez's and Wendy Malick's characters were close to stepping over the line on being just as offensive and stereotypical as Stamos' character. I did laugh occasionally though, but the music, gah! it was awful and overdone.

if it's on, I won't change the channel, but not making time for it in my schedule.


Who cares about "Jake" the New Yorker? What's really important to this New Yorker is that Mario Vasquez has dropped out of "American Idol." Now even American Idol is no longer worth watching :-(


Great minds think alike.

writersbloc gal

so basically, this guy is a Modelizer, is that what you're trying to say? ;) i hear SATC ripoff.


does anyone know the name of the theme song they play in the JIP commercials? thanks!


Jake In Progress is hilarious. I was a huge skeptic, but it won me over.

No, it's not perfect, but the wry humor is delightful. I rarely watch a sitcom where I find myself laughing out loud. The Desperate Houseguy episode had me laughing all the way through.

John Stamos makes it funny, exactly because he is so gorgeous. When he spits out the birthday cake, it's unexpectedly hilarious... when he falls down with his nuts in the puddle...laughed so hard my husband ran in to see if I was ok. A lot of funny stuff would get missed by people not having this particular sense of humor. It's not a fru-fru humor - it's a dry, sarcastic humor.

It's so much better than most of the sitcoms on these days...let us have our fun.


Thumbs up for Jake in Progress!

I didn't want to like it, but was funny. was extremely funny and when the cast was not funny they were interesting.

It's nothing like "Sex in the City". They cast actors that look normal. I'm sick of seeing perfect faces on the television.

Yes I agree with wajee about the dry humor, but it was a mixed bag.

I am going to KEEP WATCHING...and we are a Nielson Ratings Household!


Give me a break. For once a show that hillariously portrays the male side of dating by men in their 30's. Stamos has a great quirky character, which demonstrates his background in stage. I think this show has a lot of potential for male viewers if it keeps up its writing.


Give me a break. For once a show that hillariously portrays the male side of dating by men in their 30's. Stamos has a great quirky character, which demonstrates his background in stage. I think this show has a lot of potential for male viewers if it keeps up its writing.


It's a good show - funny & intelligent. I'm sure it is already or soon will be beating Joey in the ratings, they're on at the same time. John Stamos has redeemed himself for that awful show about the family with those weird looking twins.


Please KEEP This show It's great!


"Jake in Progress" is a great show! It's different, funny and quirky. Jake is adorable and lovable and the supporting characters are well developed, down to Caitlyn. It's interesting to watch and I still think John Stamos is adorable! I have it in my TiVo season's pass and I haven't missed an episode since the first. I think it's great and everyone should give it a chance. It's a great alternative to the boring, same old same old sitcoms on. I can't believe nobody likes it! I really hope it stays on!


I think Jake in Progress is a great show. It may not have all the catchy phrases that Carrie Bradshaw came up with, but it has interesting characters, silly premises (with the Publicity firm - I mean Henry Porter - that's good stuff) and the David Blaine wanta be just cracks me up. I agree he only dates the hot ones, but thats who I want him to date. The dry humor is right on and can be extremely sarcastic. Hope the show stays on for at least a couple seasons...

A fan of Jake

Its nice to see other people think the theme music is very much like the SATC music. Just a little to close for comfort. I personally don't like all the hispanic-sounding music in commercial background music either. The SATC music always sounding a little to hispanic for me, and Jake does too.

I love every single character on the show except for the newborn baby. I think they shouldve left her pregnant for awhile longer. Babys always seem to be a downer on a show. They don't have personalities and thus are boring.

Jake is hot! and I Love seeing the Bowling-Alley-Show chic back on TV. I loved "Ed" and was bummed when they took it off. I loe the David Blaine wanna be. He is funny in every scene. I hope they keep this show on the air.


I hope Jake in Progress comes back for a 2nd season. It captivates an audience that truly embarks on the journey of finding a soul mate. What better character than John Stamos to play the part) he's cute funny and greek)



Someone is my company heard that the latest episode of "Jake in Progress" on 4/21 (maybe?) makes mention of one of the characters being so successful that he owns a waterfree urinal company.

My company IS a waterfree urinal company, and we are extremely anxious to see what this was and was wondering if there is any way to see the broadcast or if there is any way to at least see that particular clip.

If you've taped that episode, we'd love to hear from you. Thanks!

~Diana Turner~
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Falcon Waterfree Technologies


John Stamos is my father


Love the show. I think it's more like Seinfeld than anything else. Let's see, cool, quirky main character, chubby bald guy, tall weird guy ... ok so Wendy Malick is nothing like Elaine.

I have high hopes for this show. Wry humor, no laugh track ... I'll never watch Joey again.


Hey, I really hate most sitcoms. Only Seinfeld makes me laugh compared to all the other blah blah shows like...Friends....Everyone Loves Raymond. OK, this show is a male version of "Sex in the City", but don't men deserve their say. The supporting cast is incredible, and my girlfriend and I are hooked on this show. If you have relationship issues, skip this show, it might upset you. On the other hand, if you have a twisted sense of humor, and can roll with the punches, you will love this show. There was even an episode where I was ashamed of what Jake was doing, and I told my girlfriend I don't agree. Atleast it sparks conversation on the treachery of dating. Two Thumbs way up!!!!!!!!!!


Has anyone reading this ever seen either of the movies "Phone Booth" or "Jerry McGuire"? "Jake" reminds me of both of the main characters in these movies SO much.


Has anyone reading this ever seen either of the movies "Phone Booth" or "Jerry McGuire"? "Jake" reminds me of both of the main characters in these movies SO much.


I thought it was good. If Im watching TV and I flip to it Ill usually ride it till its over.


omg let the guy so sweet john stamos he tries to make a good come back after all everyone thinks of him as uncle jesse. just let it go and stop critisizing the show. its coming for second season and Im SURE it will make it to 3rd!!!!!!!! and i think most guys can learn a lot from john. John Stamos is the best!!


I'm amazed that this is one of my most commented-on posts...well, all y'all get another season, so bully for you.


Did anyone watch the episode on JAn 9th 2006? I thought it was pretty funny.

It got lousy ratings and it looks like it will be cancelled.

Disclosure: my girlfriend works on the show, and I'll be happy to paraphrase your comments directly to the director, producers, writers, and john himself.

On Tuesday, the writers went out to lunch and knocked back a few margaritas after getting the aweful neilsons.


Hey Scott, thanks for writing. Unfortunately, I didn't even realize the first new ep was on...what day and time was it that it escaped my radar?

Bear in mind before you relay any of my comments to the writers, producers and the beautiful John, that this post was initially written after one viewing of one episode.

And also bear in mind that if they need writing help, I'm available for L.A. interviews (or interfaith dates with Mr. Stamos) in February. I could really help them tweak their Jewish jokes.


The show was on Monday 1/9 at 9:30.

There was no episode this last Monday, because ABC did not want to compete against the Golden Globes.

ABc's Monday evening lineup was a disaster. Even The Bachelor in PAris got poor Nielsons. So, they re-ran the Bachelor again before running the new episode. However, the blame is now focused on Heather Graham's fallen star and "Emily's Reasons Why Not", which has been cancelled after airing ONE EPISODE on 1/9. Yesterday, their executive producers were called and told to shut down production immediately. Stamos joked today that Heather could hit the snooze button a few more times this morning.

Anyway, Jake in Progress still has a lifeline - - the execs at ABC actually like the show, but it will have to show better ratings to stay alive. I've already watched a few of the upcoming episodes and the show really is enjoyable, which is saying something for me, because I think that 95% of sitcoms are utter crap.



UPDATE: The show is off the air until March, as ABC is concerned about February sweeps...

Esther Kustanowitz

Scott, thanks for keeping us updated. I'll try to meet with network when I'm in LA next month.


In the interim, Hilary loves Love Monkey.


I LOVE JAKE IN PROGRESS! I really don't watch much TV but I don't know, Jake is just different, it's funny. Most shows are just so mindless. I really hope it starts doing better.


I am not much of a sitcom kind of guy but I really enjoyed this show. The feature that striked me most about it was the humor that surrounded the struggle Jake is going through. It makes a very hard and serious matter into such a light issue. I had this kind of situation happen to me and is currently happening right now. No matter how many women you date, it really doesn't do much if you still love another. After seeing Jake go through his emotional conflicts, it helped me feel like I am not alone. I suppose with a statement like this, my comment is completely bias, but I REALLY want to see how Jake handles his problem. Maybe it will help me.

Livvy Zarnaoch

So I've hit upon a Jewlicious website.....hummmm, interesting & I like the witty, dry humor.

Good grief, give poor John Stamos a break. Hasn't the poor boy been through enough humiliation with his being cast aside by his beloved Rebecca, for Howdy Doody imitation, Jerry O'Donnel?

John is a decent person, no drug, DUI arrests, no crazy party photos, no explicit "home videos".......he really is a nice, decent person, who is close to his family, (from what I saw on 20/20) who is now healing a broken heart from his divorce, & trying to make a comeback in his career.

He is a HUNK, no doubt about it - very delicious to look at, no matter what the role......which speaking of role, his acting isn't bad either(I've seen much worse, on Lifetime & HBO!) let's support him, to keep Jake In Progress on the air. I will.

By the way, when in the he-- is his show on? Due to multiple changes of his show's time slot, I've lost track. But isn't that always the case when a decent show airs & wins the majority of the public viewership? The nitwits, or I mean networks, always seem to change the weekly time slot, so as to throw off the public, deliberately. Like life isn't aggravating enough!



Does anyone know the name of the theme song from "Everyone Loves Raymond" ?

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