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Wow. You look absolutely stunning in the promo. I'm predicting many guys dropping you an e-mail for a date once this airs.


fabulous indeed! and what, pray tell, was your costume du jour last evening? inquiring minds want to know!


Thanks, Eric! I guess we'll see how many straight Jewish guys watch Life & Style...

Chazarmaveth, I had many costumes, as I was in the spiel...let's see...I was Sarah the matriarch, then the Lord of the Beth Elven Fellowship, then a dybbuk, and then Jew Lo. Today, in the "rerun," I get to be Heebvo and finally, Esther. Glad you asked?


"shine, pop, glow"

I'll try and remember that if you do too.


I set my Tivo!

p.s. For anyone else in LA, it's on channel 9 at 9:00.




Esther... you have nothing to worry about. You looked great. As for using this to attract straight Jewish men... well uh... hmm....

annabel lee

Cool! And Hilary, thanks for the LA info. I've set my TiVo, too.


I'm not going to watch the show, because I'm a heterosexual male, but you look great in that clip!


Looking beautiful, E. I'm pissed that I'm gonna miss the show. Maybe your parents can capture it and post it @


You look awesome! I'm not sure I get Life & Style though. Grr boo hiss.


And I thought you were kidding about being on there for your cheek bones.
You looked great!
What was your jdate name again?


I know who you are on jdate...I was joking in response to Eric's comment. Perhaps the online sarcasm didn't quite work.


I've said this before: What's wrong with Jewish NY single guys!? I'm not Jewish, not single and not from NY so maybe my opinion isn't relevent, but I think you look fabulous.

annabel lee

You looked awesome! And even though you only said a couple of sentences, your face was wonderfully expressive. I hope you had a great time. It was so much fun to see you!


I second what Annabel Lee said. You looked so pretty!

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