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I agreed with your pix. Got Best Director right too. Was happy for all the winners. Was sad our girl Portman didn't win, but knew she had no chance. She'll win one though. Betcha.

writersbloc gal

you were close! wow... good stuff. I'm so behind in having seen the oscar pictures - i need to catch up on that.


Sideways? Feh. Worst Oscar nominated movie ever. Come on Esther! One Oscar (for WRITING - ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) is one Oscar too many.


CK, you know I value your opinion and your friendship, so I hope you'll forgive me when I say "CK, you ignorant slut."

Lighting, great. Screenplay, great. Plot, mediocre. Acting, outstanding.

Plus, with this movie featuring a main character who's afraid that the next thing he writes is going to bomb and that all of his work and dedication to his craft will have been for nothing, I related to it on a personal/professional level more than a little bit.

Hoping we're still friends,


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