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Googleplex! What a perfect word for it. I've done it, but alas, my lost almost loves seem to be a net-wary bunch. Congrats on the closure and thanks for the beautiful writing.


The only weird part of reading that was I kept picturing you tapping away at keyboard uber Carrie Bradshaw-like. Before you curl your lip in disgust bear with me... so well written I could visualize it as I read it. That was fantastic! We've {mostly} all been there and you voiced it in a way more witty and heartfelt tone. Get personal more often. It truly suits you.


I was thinking the same thing as Ari! That was really well said and beautifully written, Esther! And by the way, my friends and I have a term for when men just disappear never to be heard from again. We say "he got hit by a bus."

Dawn Summers

God... depressing. In my world, I like to imagine that those guys are miserable, suffering from an incurable but not deadly disease, stuck in a dead-end job, picking food out of their beards. Definitely alone. Bastards.(great story though! :))


I don't know if one is supposed to "enjoy" such posts as this, but yours really rang true. It brought back weird memories. Less than two weeks ago I bumped into an old flame after 20 years. She works one block from me! I knew she had married (in pre-Google times, mutual friends would keep you posted). Later, I found another lost love after more than 30 years' time through a special search engine. She works less than a mile from my office! We spoke briefly on the phone, just kidding around, but it was awfully strange. Maybe not connecting is better, after all. It feels very, very odd to hear the voices again after so much time. They belong to a different time, another life. So does "Dennis" for you. It's no longer important.And probably it's safe to start dating again.


Hit by a bus! hahahahahahahhaha!! I LOVE it. And Dawn? Usually, I go with tetanus (which can be fatal) or psoriasis (which is not painful) or IBS (which is) when meting out fictional God-like punishments. In case you were wondering what other people did. Esther babe: So happy I am not the only one who - what the hell - googleplexes. Glad to do it though. I want to know when I am in danger of possibly running into an ex-SO. Make sure I am wearing something that makes me look tall. :)

Princess Anonymous

fantastic. especially evil sites for this research are and friendster. Maybe 3 weeks after things ended with Mr. Sad, I emailed him a very sweet note and the next day he logged onto friendster (for the first time in weeks) and changed his profile to say that he was "In a Relationship." After his whole deal with me was how overwhelmed he was emotionally about his feelings for me and his non-dealings with his personal tragedies and how he needed time to "be intimate with himself." Now, nobody believes that he's actually in a healthy relationship, if it's even true at all, but it was so agonizing for me to see that that I quit e-stalking him after that (until this week, that is).

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