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  • From FunnyOrDie, via This is the story of a song that everyone seems to know, whether or not they want to. To describe it to you in a sentence would have been enough. But this song isn't known for its subtlety or its brevity. It's known for its repetition, its words that don't quite fit into the tune, it's barely-there-musical-tune reminiscent of the Pac-Man theme, and, of course,... more
  • For IKAR's Purim #SHPIEL2015 last night, we gave Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" earworm the Purim treatment. You know, 'cuz Haman's gonna hate, so when we hear his name, baby, we're just gonna shake it off. :) more
  • From the minute I saw Katy Perry's outfit during the "Teenage Dream/California Girls" portion of her SuperBowl Halftime Show, I knew I had to do this. (And the dancing sharks were pretty awesome, too.) more

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